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Coke Snack Works Gift Basket - LTM Endeavors Gifts

Coke Snack Works Gift Basket

  • $ 81.50

The Coke Works gift basket features the real thing, Coca-Cola…and everything it takes to turn a Coke into a celebration.   Sweet and savory snacks of all descriptions abound in this large natural willow basket. Make any event a celebration with the Coke Works gift basket.

Coke Snacks Works Gift Basket includes:

"4 Cokes"
12 oz Rold Gold Pretzels
Nacho Cheese Dip
Hot Bean Dip
Planters Peanuts
2 Single Serving Oreos
2 Microwave Popcorn
Peanut M&M's
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Nestle Crunch Bar
Skittles/ Plain M&M's
Tostitos Chips
Crunch & Munch
Chex Mix
2 Single Serve Chips A Hoy Cookies
Natural Willow Md Basket


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